Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable use policy ("AUP", "policy", "the terms") covers all of the SYSTEM36 L.L.C. platform (services, products, websites). The policy is an extension of the Terms of Service. You must agree to the terms set forth in this policy to continue using our platform. Failure to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy is grounds for suspension or termination of your use of our platform/services. Similarly, encouraging or helping other users to violate this policy is also grounds for suspension or termination.

1. You will not use our properties to facilitate, promote, or encourage illegal/harmful/or offensive information, behavior, and/or content.

2. You will not violate any security policies set in place or otherwise compromise the integrity of our platform. This includes, but is not limited to: unauthorized access, eavesdropping, or communication forgery (packet forgery, headers forgery, etc). If you found a vulnerability, read our "Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure" document here.

3. You will not abuse our network. Denial-of-service attacks, intentional network disruption, unauthorized communication with other users of our platform, or network sniffing. Certain activities such as the hosting of TOR exit nodes are also prohibited.

4. No spam or other message abuse. Sending mass unsolicited mail or messages (regardless of the content) is not allowed. We have a zero tolerance policy for this activity and your Use of our services will be terminated immediately. By default, sending mail is blocked and can only be unlocked at special request. The unblocking request may also be denied for any reason.

5. No excessive resource use. We reserve the right to limit usage of said resources if resource limits are being exhausted. We also reserve the right to adjust the performance of our Shared VPS products if there is global exhaustion of resources. In the case of bandwidth exhaustion, we may charge overage fees depending on the severity, otherwise it's fair usage based on the guideline of the selected service. Additionally, activities such as mining cryptocurrency are not allowed and are grounds for immediate termination.

6. You agree to follow all local laws and regulations.

7. We may investigate violations of our AUP. This may include: reviewing or modifying any User content, monitoring suspicious activity, and taking action when the AUP is violated.

Important: We shall cooperate with law enforcement and will report activity deemed suspicious and/or illegal. In such cases, we will disclose customer information appropriately. This also applies to situations where we have to legally defend our rights or situations where individuals or groups are at risk.

Found an AUP violation? Report it here!

Last Updated: 4/15/2023