Privacy Policy

This privacy policy ("policy", "the terms") covers all of the SYSTEM36 L.L.C. platform (services, products, websites). The policy is an extension of the Terms of Service. You must agree to the terms set forth in this policy to continue using our platform.

1. What we collect

When you visit our website, we may collect the following information:

If you are using VPS products, we may collect: Any data you store on our VPS products or dedicated servers are your property. In cases required by law enforcement or if an AUP violation has been found (e.g. hosting of CSAM), we may seize access to this data, destroy it, and/or access it if necessary. In these cases, we may also share this information with law enforcement where applicable.

2. How we process your data

Basic data (such as your IP address, site activity, date of visit, and location) are used to improve your usage of our website. In cases of abuse, your IP address may be used as part of an investigation or action.

Data that is inputted in electronic forms will be used to process a given request. In some cases (such as creating a user account), this data may be stored.

System/network metrics from our VPS products may be used to enforce our fair usage policy, as well as understand and monitor the current state of the system.

3. Data retention

In most cases, stored data will be stored as long as the user has an active relationship with SYSTEM36. This relationship can be:

In the case of hosted products (VPS, dedicated server), the data stored on these products will be destroyed shortly after the customer has their access revoked (e.g. intentional product cancellation, lack of payment, etc). When your relationship with SYSTEM36 has concluded, any stored data will be deleted after a period of time.

4. Do Not Sell My Data

SYSTEM36 L.L.C. does not sell your data to third parties.

5. GDPR regulation

For European Union ("EU") customers: You have the right to be forgotten. When you cancel your services with us, you can request for your data to be fully deleted. Please contact our support team to initiate a request.

Last Updated: 4/30/2023